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It feels good to see people who are going through the same battles… 
20th-May-2006 04:29 am
It feels good to see people who are going through the same battles that I am with my weight and the way people see you. The bad thing is that I feel like im the biggest failure of all. Everybody is way smaller than me and it makes me to ashamed to post me weight. Im 5"11 and weight 227lbs and theres nobody as big as me that can relate. I use to weigh 260 so I came a long way but Its just not good enough. I need more thinspiration. I have no control over my life what so ever. Me and my bf's relationship is going dwn the drain, I cant keeep a job and Im fat as fuck. Thinking about trying out drugs too supress my appettite.
2nd-Apr-2008 06:30 am (UTC)
I'll help you!
I totally know what it feels like to be the biggest one in the room,
which for your height you're not bad at all!
Perfection is something we're ALL capable of, with the right motivation.
Which kind thinspo inspires you most?
Real girl,
hardcore bones,
or reverse (as in 600 lb people)

lemme know and I can send you some links
10th-Apr-2008 04:38 pm (UTC) - relativity is bliss
i weigh exactly 227 today, and i'm 5'6. Here is relativity darling. Congrats on the weight and you can do it. I'm having an issue with the job department too.

The best thing ever :

Green tea. If you can drink it hot, do so. If you get really hungry. Have a cup of tea with splenda and one tiny cube of cheese. Cheese works strangely well for an apetite suppressant for me. I added you.

Ps - I'm chantel
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